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09 June 2008 @ 11:38 pm
i don't watch the view except when there's a clip on perez hilton (i used to, back in the day like the view. back when i worked noon-seven i watched the view and part of dr phil before i went to work, after working out.)

but can i just say after the last clip, elizabeth hassleback needs to be muzzled? wtf? i'm all for you being a ridiculously anorexic better looking anne coulter, but i wish that the words that came out of your mouth were a bit more intelligent. i'm not a raging fan of whoppi (did i spell that right? LOL) either, but at least she was making an intelligible point.

this is what survivor has brought us...dear God. breed, please continue breeding elizabeth. it's apparently what you're best at (save the thinking for the men) and God knows we need more republicans.

i'm less bitchy when i didn't just quit smoking 11 hours ago. slightly.
i feel: hungryi may do unspeakable things
in my head: i want to smoke gd it!!!!! i wish i could sleep...