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something sick & twisted that we both need therapy for

laissez les bon temps roulez


i haven't been active on lj for a really long time, but i will always dearly love the people i met here. i don't blog as often as i would like, but you can visit me at wordpress. i also have a political/activism blog on tumblr but i mostly just share news stories there, i don't comment much.

what have i done with my life lately? well, i'm finishing up a bachelor's degree in social services (ie social work) at a conservative christian university in mississippi where i have gone back in the closet for the first time in over a decade. i'm going to be 30 in about 2 months, that is fucking with my head quite a bit. i've loved and lost a few times since being back here, and i'm in the best place i've ever been i think. i started running about 2 months ago, i quit smoking, i don't drink much anymore...

activism and non-profit organizations have been my life since being back in MS. I was the VP of outreach & communication for MS NOW for a year, and was president of Jackson area NOW for a year. The National Organization for Women and i have had our ups and downs but i will say that i learned confidence, i learned how to speak in front of a group, and i had experiences that i know i never would've without the org. I am still a feminist activist in a literal sense, i'm still an officer in NOW and i still am working with other orgs in MS.

I'm trying to "be the change" i wish to see in the world, finish my degree, write when i can, and get shit done. visit my wordpress blog please!
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